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Finance calculators

Credit calculator

Credit calculator

Credit and interest rate calculation: Calculate the start-up capital, the maturity, the interest rate or the new principal.

Currency converter

Currency converter

Convert Currencies: Euro, U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen, Danish Krone and many more

Power consumption calculator

Power consumption calculator

Calculate the power consumption of your devices

Leisure time calculators

Blood alcohol calculator

Blood alcohol calculator

Calculate your Blood Alcohol / Blood Alcohol Calculator

Filmspeed calculator

Film speed calculator

Calculate film speed / ISO sensivitiy between ISO, ASA, DIN and GOST

Fuel consumption calculator

Gasoline calculator

Calculate fuel consumption / fuel costs

Physics converters

Covert pressure units like bar to psi

Pressure units converter

Pressure conversion - Bar ✓ Barye ✓ Pascal ✓ Hectopascal ✓ Torr ✓

Convert length units like inch to meter

Length unit converter

Length conversion: inch ✓ foot ✓ mile ✓ kilometer ✓ parsec ✓ chain ✓ yard ✓

Convert volume units like gallon to m3

Volume units converter

Volume converter with Barrel ✓ Lambda ✓ Cubic meter ✓ Pint ✓

Convert speed units like mph to kmh

Speed units converter

Speed conversion online: m/s ✓ m/h ✓ mph ✓ km/h ✓ mach ✓

Convert power units like kw to ps

Power units converter

Online Power conversion with Formula: kilopond ✓ newton ✓

Convert mass units like kg to lbs

Mass units converter

Mass conversion with Formula: tons ✓ kilos ✓ grams ✓ unce ✓ ounce ✓

Math calculators

Pythagoras theorem calculator

Pythagoras theorem calculator

Pythagorean theorem & trigonometric functions with explanations and examples

Cross-multiplication calculator

Cross-multiplication calculator

Cross multiply Calculator: Easy cross multiply calculation with explanation and examples

Number systems conversion

Number Systems converter

Convert number systems like binary system, oktal system, hexadecimal system and more

Other converters and calculators

BMI Calculator

Body-Mass-Index calculator

BMI Calculator with table for easy body mass index calculation

Worldclock with timezones


Convert units, currencies, payment systems, credit, interest rates, body mass index, blood alcohol calculator, fuel consumption / fuel costs and more with Allesumrechnen.de