Blood Alcohol Calculator

Here you can easily calculate how much blood alcohol after drinking have some drinks. You can specify exactly how much beer, liquor, liquor (32% alc. vol. Or alc. Vol 40%. Made you) to have and the information about yourself can be an approximate value calculated per thousand.

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Drunken Liquer

1 Beer = 0.5l with alc. 5% vol.

1 Wine = 250ml with alc. 10,5% vol.

1 Liqueur = 2cl mit alc. 25% vol.

1 Schnaps = 2cl with alc. 32% vol.

1 Schnaps = 2cl with alc. 40% vol.

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Calculation information

The calculation made here is calculated only an approximate value per mill. Next is calculated from the information of the beverage and its volume of alcohol in grams. After that is) to Watson, the calculation of total body water (GWK) in liters with the information on gender, weight and size (in men with regard to age.
Then, the so-called reduction factor is calculated on the basis of GWKs, an average blood density of 1.055 g / cm³, the proportion of water in the blood (80%) and the masses.
With this information it is now after the Widmark blood-alcohol concentration in grams per gram of charge and in turn the concentration in parts per thousand.
Of this number, only 80% will be taken into account because the body is absorbed on average only between 70% -90% of the alcohol and for each past hour is broken down per 10kg body weight 1g alcohol and therefore deductible.